Want to know the easiest way to get customers NOW when marketing your business? The answer for your local business is in online lead generation. Doesn’t take a genius to understand this. You can’t rely on word of mouth completely anymore. The best way is to run ads online to targeted traffic relevant to what you’re selling. With anything in life, there is a right way and a WRONG way to go about doing this.

#1 Biggest mistake businesses owners make…

Sending their ad traffic to their own busy website. If this were Family Feud you’d get a big ❌❌❌ BUZZER!

How do you expect any interested or curious prospect to inquire or buy your product when there are 1000 offers in their face the moment they land on your website? EXACTLY. Create simple one page landing pages that are specific to your audience and convert them with excellent copy tailored to them and drive them to a contact form, webinar or free lead magnet to ignite your business!

Whether we help you with your lead generation or not, don’t make the “website linking” lazy mistake with lead generation.


#2 Biggest mistake business owners make…

Not doing enough research on what makes your audience tick, what is their underlying problem, no… not THAT problem, THEIR REAL PROBLEMS. Most businesses default to what they THINK their audiences problems are and run a half-baked campaign that only looks general in nature, converts horribly. They spend a ton of money on it and it TANKS. Then they throw their hands up thinking online ads don’t work.

DON’T BE THIS BUSINESS OWNER! Get to know your customers and what they desire and what their problems are, then create ads that solve those problems.


#3 Biggest mistake business owners make…

Having zero RETARGETING strategy in place and how to retarget the people who have already visited you.

It’s the equivalent of just letting folks that visit your store leave without greeting them or providing them with any other incentives. Wasted traffic. Even if you’re currently running ads, if you aren’t retargeting people who at least visited your website within the last 30 days, you better get in their and start now! You’re losing valuable conversions and sales.

If you want us to help teach you how to run ads or even do them for you (Facebook, Google etc.)

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